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White House Leadership.

“Like the proverbial dog chasing a car down the road – we must consider what to do when we have caught it!” That might encapsulate part at least of the essentials that make up statesmanlike leadership.

Unfortunately the US is not blessed with anything approaching statesmanlike leadership.

The Iranian fiasco is down to Trump’s jealous fear of Obama’s reputation, his own profound racism and a knee jerk need to cancel and destroy all the former president’s achievements. It owes nothing to calm and objective thought, much less to a considered plan for America’s future.

The very act of cancelling the Allied Nuclear Agreement lost the trust and goodwill of all the participants. America’s word is now worth just the short time to the next vote.

A brilliant NYT article today by Sayer and Barnes shows how ill thought through have been the US Iranian actions – should we use the army, the navy, a bomb or two or can we rely on our untried cybercapability? Will one alternative be more or less warlike than the next?

Iran has in the meantime presuaded a US supportive Europe to recalibrate its thinking. And it has staked out its standing ground with considerable style – wiping out Aramco’s computers, freezing US banks, planning election subversion in the US and now gaining credit for attacking the oil facilities of the internationally despised Saudis.

Iran has at least one foot on the moral as well as leadership high ground – they negotiated, they agreed, the US reneged and is now fretting because it cannot control a demented president.

One thing more – Iran now senses Trump is a pusillanimous bully – they sense he has no somach for a real fight. They, like China, will wait him out. Another white feather in the cap of a fraud, another stumble on the slope to defeat in 2020.

Mark Twain’s dog was no president either.

Have a good day, James