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The Brexit mess worsens.

The UK Supreme Court unanimously ruled Tuesday, that Boris Johnson’s suspension of Parliament was illegal! This is  severe setback, one wonders at his sources of legal advice. At this very moment he is on a plane rushing back to head off a no confidence vote. This caps a record that should be terminal – many would resign.

But remember Boris’s aim is to out fox the other parties, win the next election and create a new mandate and platform of support for his strategies to make Britain Great Again. Brexit is a stalking horse for this take over of power. So he will talk of betrayal, others trying to stop Brexit and his support for the will of the people. He will try to minimise the impact of the courts – but the rejection of the Supreme Court remains a savage blow to his credibility.

At issue now is:

– whether he can muster the two thirds majority to push through the early election he seeks. He would go to the country with his funding give away for police, the health service, and schools. This will be a match winning manifesto coming, as it does, after years of austerity insensitively driven by Cameron. It was Cameron’s penny wise programs that lay behind the increasing anger  of voters as they failed to experience  the vaunted fruits of E.U. membership.

Now the game is on.

Does Johnson have the smarts and courage to hold his party together?

Does Labor, or any of the confusion of fringe parties, have a leader capable of mounting a coherent opposition?

The UK mess has worsened and it will get far messier in the next few days. There are 22 working days left and no one is minding the shop.

Sell the UK and sell Europe.

Have a good day, James