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Systemics, Narcissists, Psychopaths and three books.

*Systemics  mostly male, have no interest in building lasting relationships, little or no sense of empathy, tend to be obsessed with their particular short term goal and have little interest in team or alliance building,

Narcissists view the world almost exclusively from their own perpective. Rather than listen actively and constructively they will instead tend to relate everything being said to their own experience. They will be wanting to tell what they are thinking and disinterested in probing the how, where, why and what next of someone else’s life. 

*Psychopaths, extremely egocentric individuals show a profound lack of empathy, engage in immoral and antesocial behaviour for short term gains. In their drive to take care of themselves they are predators – anyone who can feed their needs of the moment is a potential prey. 

I have been surprised how many of the SNP leaders I have known have been so thin skinned, so sensitive to criticism, and so harsh in their retaliation.

The question of course is – how in the world do so many SNP’s become corporate even national leaders?

In part it is because we all want to believe in the easy success, the White Knight, we want heroism up there on a plinth, we want figureheads just as much as we need Gods. We all want to be followers ***.

In part it because our systems have simply ignored this virus in our makeup. We have covered up. It is startling to reflect how much effort is put into recruitment of a secretary or management trainee compared to the laissez faire randomness of choosing the Leader of the free world.

Two of the beacon freeworld leaders are now threatening to break their long cherished democratic systems. Read these three books, insightful in their own right, urgently topical today:

* “The Essential Difference” Simon Baron-Cohen.

** “Almost a psychopath” Schouter and Silver.

*** “Understanding Leaders” James Cooke.