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Cool Hand Diplomacy.
We have likened geo-politics to a necessarily court like dance or game of chess. Slow moving, charming,quiet – a series of orchestrated steps. We have criticised the White House for “Foghorn” rather than “Cool Hand” diplomacy.
Words do matter. Rushing into a political stance is unnecessarily dangerous becuase the stakes are too high. Steadily orchestrating coalitions, public support, and willing international cooperation really does help.
Absent that life can get interesting.
Last week US and Chinese warships nearly collided in the South China Sea. This morning Washington’s Ambassador to NATO threatened preemptive strikes against
Russian missiles aimed at Europe.
China has already built coalitions, albeit uneasy ones, with many of its neighbours. It’s Silk Road programme is essentially a coalition of 50 partner nations across Eurasia. Russia is working ever more closely with the Dictators of Turkey, and its former East European satellites. But the US has alienated its NATO allies and it is ambivalent about Dictators and Russia. Now it is making threats that can only escalate the tensions.
We need a “Cool Hand” in the White House.
Have a good day, James.