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Beating Life’s Great Defeat.

Every time I talk about Europe, the US or China I am asked –  what is the future? What shoud we do? What do I believe in?

Here is my dream. It turns on faith not in any particular religion but in the continuing triumph of humanity’s spirit to love, survive and live the inevitable battle against life’s long defeat.
It depends on an understanding that we can only get by being together.
It depends on a faith in the collaboration of knowledge that has always been the starting place of my company.

Given this there are clearly three geographical and political sources of real knowledge and capability – China, Europe and the United States. Leadership for each means confronting three priorities:
– how to enhance their mutually beneficial programmes in economic and societal ways – think education, healthcare, humanities, climate change and the arts. They will become the well springs of thought and leadership. Without them we have insufficient capacity to succeed.
– how best to support their immediate and obvious geopolitical spheres of interest. For China it is Asia; for Europe it is its interdependence with Africa; for the United States it is the whole of the American Continent, North and South.
The future is collaboration – nothing else will work. We cannot live by polarised silos, all politics cannot be local – this is two dimensional, exclusive, inadequate.
Today’s waves of African migrants are but a prelude to the future, as are the rising temperatures and the recent political lurches towards self obsessed despots – though of course they are all interconnected. Of the 2.2 billion new citizens added to the global population in the next 30 years, more than half will be African – 1.3 billion or the size give or take, of China’s population today. There are 9 million Afro-europeans at present – expect 200 million by 2050.

We are at a tipping point – how we choose will lead us to armageddon or a new global collaborative interdependence and a fresh shot at life. I know which way I am going.
Have a good day. James