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Boris and Kaczynski to win.

Johnson has stolen the manifesto of the Brexit party UKIP. The British PM has one target – to hold an election the moment his main rival is neutered. I doubt whether he has ever been much concerned about the Labour Opposition Party. They were neutered the moment they elected Corbyn as their “leader”. So now Johnson and his henchmen are shouting “leave” louder than UKIP, and treating any Brussels meeting as a drama queen glorying in another encore. And…and this is the point …it is working. Johnson is gaining an identity, recognition and support. The public has someone they can understand and so has given their increasing if illplaced support. 83% want to blame Parliament for a future shambles, 70% want to blame Remain MP’s, 63% will blame the EU Commission and barely half blame Boris.

Meanwhile Poland goes to the polls on Sunday. Jarislav Kaczynski’s despotic Law and Justice Party¬† will win handsomely aided by his grip on the nation’s media. Catholic, right wing and dictatorial, Poland is an increasinglycomplex challenge for the EU. The buffer state between Russia and the east of Europe, it stands firmly against LGBT rights, sees Middle Eastern immigrants as parasites and is determined to stay out of the Euro. At the same time this is the growth champion in the otherwise flat economic landscape of Europe. GDP growth has averaged 4%+ each year since 1992 in what is being desribed as a new golden age.

Could it be that things get done better by dictatorial leaders?

Have a good day, James