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The Big Shift.
The last century belonged to the USA and we remain the sole super power for the moment.
But some brilliant work in the Economist this week shows how the geo-economic axis of the world is already moving east to China and to their new long termist leadership. We know some of the Economist figures only too well – China accounts for 45% of the gain in world gdp since 2008 and 66% of the decline in world poverty.
But apologists here in America for our flailing China policy should also take note that China has come of age. It has been responsible for half of all new patent applications. The last decade has seen the rise of an entirely new force in technology as well as in economic achievement and geo-political thinking.
Our challenge in America today is not how to stop them but how to reset the future of our world by working with and building upon China’s evident achievements.
Have a good day, James