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Boris will have and win his election.

Brexit is finally stumbling to some sort of conclusion. The protagonists have all played their part in what may be the least competent political performance since James the Second  single handedly destroyed the divine right of kings in 1688.

The main runners and riders in this shameful race to the bottom?

The Conservatives and winners: despite incoherence – 21 of them actually walked out! – despite leadership changes, despite a ludicrously undemocratic vote Boris has got what he wanted. He has marginalised UKIP, his only threat at the ballot box and, despite his droll self seeking is successfully posing as an all British hero valiantly defying Johnny foreigner.

The Labour Party:

Never in the running, led by the chlorinated chicken Corbyn – but let’s leave their funeral oration to former cabinet minister Michale Gove:

“Someone said Labour had more Brexit positions than Kama Sutra – it looks more like 50 shades of delay!”

The Nationalist Parties.

They all want an election, a referendum, anything that allows them a platform for rebellion. The good ship UK is holed beneath the water line – their time will come and the UK will split apart.


 The “party” that started it all but never really became a fully fledged party – no other policies. It will not survive December.

Other Parties:

None relevant – unlike in the United States, everyone in Europe understands the threat of Climate Change and the need for globally relevant policies. The fringe parties will always remain just that – on the fringe.

So there we have it. As forecast in this column, Boris will have his election (probably early December) which he will win easily (there is no alternative) and then we will see what he is made of.

Have a good day, James