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Hesse goes Green.
The Hesse election in Germany matters. The state is central to the nation in geographical terms, in cultural terms – this is Goethe’s birthplace – and since 1946 in political terms – Frankfurt is its major city. It lies beside the Rhine just opposite the 1000 year old cathedral of Mainz. Hesse wines are superb.
It is highly significant that their voters have rejected the slow, bureaucratic and worthy Merkel – they have rejected boredom.
One reaction to this is to despair. Europe has undoubtedly lost a force for centralist, common sense liberalism. it has furthermore done so at a time when alarmingly extremist and nationalist politicians are trying to pick apart the essential fabric of the European Project. Poland, Hungary, Rumania to the East; Greece, Italy to the South; almost every State in tems of mismanaged debt. A world of uncaring, indifferent nationalism may well be looming closer.
But there is another reaction. Look more closely – the overwhelming winner so far is the Green Party. They won Munich outright, did well in Berlin, hugely increased their presnce in Bavaria and now have doubled their vote to 20% in Hesse. Nothing is done yet – the fascist vote did well too. 
But ever so slowly perhaps a new dawn is breaking.
The issues that matter today are “nationalistic” only in the minds of little people. There are two big challenges: firstly – how the United States, China and Europe can work together to build a better life for everyone, and secondly – how these “Big Three” can successfully deal with Climate Change.
In their hearts everyone knows that – the rest is noise.
Coud it be that Germany is going Green?
Have a good day, James.