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Another thought – some Brexit awkwardness.

My regular updates on the UK Brexit mess – for which I freely accept unstinting praise – may have overlooked an awkwardness at least for Boris and his planning team. Nigel Farage and the “Brexit Party” are making a deal of a noise.

Boris Johnson’s plan has been to pose as the people’s man, fearlessly taking on and outwitting the greedy bureaucrats of Europe. In so doing he has tried to expose the Labour Opposition as the fumbling do-nothings they are – Job done. In so far as Labour can be sidelined that have been. However let’s not overstate the case, they still command a large number of solidly socialist constituencies, they will always be a force – this election was never going to be a landslide.

But the “noise”  being created by Farage and his merry Brexit band could split the Boris Johnson vote in marginal constituencies. Perhaps they could even win a few seats on their own account. All of which would potentially mean a dwindling of the winning margin available to Boris and his cunning plans.

This could become awkward. Nigel Farage may yet end up becoming a considerable irritant in a future coalition government that no one wants.

Have a good day, James