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Brexit and the Liberal Democrats.

I suggested in yesterday’s note that there was a threat  facing Boris Johnson – namely the prospect of an awkward coalition.

The research company “Britain Elects” has recently published the following stats. Prior to the Brexit upheavals of 2019 support for the various parties polled:

Conservatives: 42%

Labour: 40%

Liberal Democrat: 8%

Brexit Party: 0%

Green and others: 10%.

As of the end of September 2019 they polled:

Conservatives: 33%

Labour: 24%

Liberal Democrat: 20%

Brexit Party: 12%

Green and others: 11%.

Where there was a two party system, the UK now has three perhaps four. The Conservatives need strong leadership and Boris is giving his version of that. Labour is split over Corbyn and will suffer accordingly. The Brexit party remains a clear spoiler. But I wrongly ignored the Liberal Democrats.

The “Lib Dems” have an historic and storied pedigree as one of the two major parties of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Led today by Jo Swinson, they have 20 MP’s, nearly 100 Peers in the House of Lords and a sprinkling of MEP’s in Europe representing England, Scotland and Wales. The Liberal Democrats are a thoroughly sensible centrist party and have been consistently pro Europe.

Watch out for Jo Swinson – this could be her moment to revive the fortunes of a party once led by Gladstone, Asquith and Lloyd George.

Have a good day, James