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Silver Linings?

There may be a silver lining to the dark clouds of the White House mess. It will be found in the high quality of America’s full time officials and of its independent press.

First the evident soul searching and committed intelligence of the FBI, then the steadfast expertese, robustness and charm of the diplomats, and , through it all the constant brilliance of the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and so many TV journalists.

Watch and listen for yourself as William Taylor, George Kent, Marie Yovanovitch and Lt Col Vindman give their testimony next week. Read the commentary in our great newspapers. Contrast the evidence of your own eyes and ears with the egregious efforts of this administration to disparage honorable men and women.

It should be alarming to all that the President’s reactions have been so brutal, emotional and self obsessed. We should be aghast at the partisan polarisation of  the political parties. We must never forget the failure of each and every member of the current Republican Party to have worthy values and to live by them.

But we may at last have reached a tipping point to this terrible story.

Last week the President was fined $2 million for stealing funds from a charitable fund raiser for Vets. Next week we will have a chance to admire the quality of the experts who really do work for the nation full time. We must hear what they have to say.

Let the cards fall honorably – this is a story that needs closure.

Have a good day, James