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Brexit confusion.

One of Boris Johnson’s more loveable traits is his eager garulity – a little like a breathless school girl full of today’s goings on in class. But for all the cakes and ale, such breathless exuberance can suit ill with the role of Britain’s finest when it comes to negotiating the tricky realities of the “Irish Question” and the terms of the Brexit “deal”.

His current ploy is clearly to bore the elctorate into submission. Indeed many seem to think the deal is done –  but it is by no means “done” as far as the Irish are concerned. Businesses there are in real jeopardy over the likely delays caused by new export controls. As far as they are concerned negotiations have not even started – they foresee a hard Brexit and barriers to trade.

That is where the enthusiastic schoolgirl in Boris rather let the cat out of the bag. He told his audience in Northern Ireland this week they had…”a great deal…and you keep access to the EU Single Market”.

This sounds like the best of both worlds and begs an awfully awkward question – if keeping access to the EU Single Market is such a “great deal” for Northern Ireland – then why in heaven’s name isn’t the rest of the UK doing the same?

Of course it is possible that Boris does not really care about Brexit, or the future of his nation, only about remaining Prime Minister.

Have a good day, James