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Hollow Boasts do not make a Foreign Policy.

In 1938 British Prime Minister Chamberlain set aside tthe committments his country had made and betrayed Czechoslovakia to Hitler and the Nazis. “How horrible” he wrote to his spinster sisters, “that we should be digging trenches because of a quarrel in a far country between people of whom we know nothing.” Most historians overlook the relief felt at this capitulation amongst British voters – parliament applauded the decision. Only Churchill spoke out . “We had a choice between shame and war  – we have chosen shame and we will get war.” Chamberlain went on to appease the monstrous German leader – until it was too late. “Peace for our time” became a hollow boast in the fury of World War 11.

Leadership and statesmanship are not born from trying to follow the whims of the masses. Leadership of the world’s superpower needs a long term trustworthy robustness underpinned by Churchillian values and committment. The recent deveopments in Syria have shown how far the White House is from anything like those lofty standards.

We have abandoned our Kurdish allies to genocide at the hands of a dictatorial Islam regime in Turkey and provided support for our enemy – Russia. It is almost as though the President wants to appease the monstrous Russian leader. All this is happening  at the strategically important hinge bloc state between Europe and North Africa.  Turkey is a potent wild card and the closer it engages with Russia, the more it poses a threat to our European allies and the greater will be the reckoning in the future.

The President referred to the region as “a lot of sand”. Could it be that like Chamberlain these are “people about whom” he knows nothing? “Saving lives today” already looks a hollow boast to the rest of the world.

Expect europe to discount the US. Expect china, North Korea, Russia and North Africa to discount the US. Expect the White House to set aside aits superpower foreign policy – until it is too late.

Have a good day, James