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Brexit Contempt.
The British Parliament voted its Government in contempt for failing to publish the full legal advice given the Prime Minister over her Brexit negotiations. This has never happened before in history and is provoking a deal of mistaken noise. No one will be punished; the full text will dobtless be published tomorrow. 
However ther are two comments to make.
The first is this adds to the general fragililty of the political situation over Brexit.
Losing any votes is a bad sign and Theresa May lost not one but three on Tuesday. She now faces a bruising battle as Brexit decision day rumbles closer and the cause becomes more immediate. There will be further challenges before the end of next week and she will do well to survive.
The British need to do three things and in quick order:
– find a leader to champion a charismatic new strategy to stay in and lead the development of a revitalised Europe.
– persuade Parliament to quash the Brexit decision.
– explain once and for all , and win, the overwhelming case for Britain’s remaining in Euriope.
The British are in a mess as never before in history. The next few months are going to be dangerous and there can surely be no marks for stubbornness. A new leadership is needed.
Have a good day, James


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