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UK Confidence.
There is a safety valve at the heart of the British system – a Member of Parliament can cal,l at any time, a vote of “no confidence” in the Prime Minister. It is fundamental to the British that Govrnment cannot operate without the support of the legislature.
Votes of such consequence do not happen often.
Since 1945 there have been 23 in all, of which, only one in 1979 was successful when Callaghan’s government lost by a single vote. For the historians amingst you, Gladstone suffered and lost three “no confidence” votes in the late 1800’s over the Irish (twice) and his budget (once).
We are again living in tumultuous times, and once again Ireland is in the mix.
The UK is divided – roughly 50% want out of Europe and 50% want to stay. Neither side has a distictive edge, neither side has put up a convincing case.
UK politics is in a mess. The ministerial rats are leaving their ship; those with driven egos are angling for the premiership. Things are going to get worse in the next few days. Expect a vote of “no confidence”.
Have a good day, James.