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Europe on the Edge.
European Politics is moving into dangerous territory. A new powerful, pragmatic and inspirational leadership is needed – but things are going to get a lot worse befor this happens.
To the East the democratic systems have been abused in Hungary and Poland. Italy’s leadership is in chaos – a cabal of polarised opposites, united in their anarchic take on the EU and flaunting their indifference to regular economic management. Germany’s parties are thrashing around for a new leader. Britain, as ever is making a mess of sitting on the fence. And in France les Citroyens are rousing themselves. High taxes, an unpopular leader and rising poverrty meant thousands taking to the streets of Paris over the weekend wearing yellow vests – the symbol of their workers’ solidarity.
All of these nations are experiencing decline, poverty and unemployment. They are failing. Alone none have the scale to compete at a global level, but their unrealistic myths of nationhood mean they resist true collaboration of true Union – shared Sovereignty.
At the start of the century much of the tribal and local resistance was controlled by one of the four European Empires – France, Austria Hungary, Ottoman or Russia. Europe needs to acknowledge the reality they face. It needs to relaunch the EU, it needs to create an Empire. Full soverignty, clear economic strategies for all those who qualify and strong and long term leadership from the centre.
We do not have that and “little nationhood” and “parochial politics” will styme any move to such a solution. Expect a further deterioration in this important group of countries. Europe looks like a tinder box once again waiting for the destructive spark of demagogy.
Have a good day, James

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