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The Great NYT – and the German Greens.
The US has still at least one institution in which it can take analloyed pride – the peerless New York Times – a must read over breakfast in our house. 
In an earlier note (Hesse goes Green – 10/31/18) I described the success of the Green Party in the German State of Hesse. 
Yesterday’s NYT took my limited comments further with a developed summary of the party’s success throughout Europe’s leading economy. The Greens are now no longer fringe, they are the nation’s second party, number one for women. They have elected representation in 9 of 16 states and are the strongest party in Baden Wurtemberg, relegating Ms Merkel’s conservatives to second place.
Their success is a glimmer of light in this naughty world. As the NYT wrote “At a time when the extremes are flourishing … one of its calls is dare to be in the centre”.
Totalitarian threats, extremist and misleading rhetoric are dominating the debate throughout Europe – not least in the revealed incompetence of the Brexit debate in the UK.
The German Green party may be the sign of a new and much needed rationality and return to worthwhile values.
Have a good day, James.