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Fish rot from the head.

The amoral and lie strewn first two years of Trump’s Presidency has held me astonished. 

The inability of the GOP to preserve its own independent stance has left me ashamed.

But the impeachment hearings surely demonstrated all that is fine in our Government – in the men and women the President derides. From the Whistle Blower to the late stars of the hearings, to William Taylor and Fiona Hill, we were given cause for gratitude, respect and admiration. They have painted a picture of tthe President abusing his office, duty and oath. Perhaps as importantly we have seen the value of management systems and disciplines in place and the chaos created by an incompetent leader.

“Fish rot from the head” – I know only too well the impact for good or ill the one man at the top can make.

We heard of Ambassadors no longer confident they could rely on the support of the administration and belittled as part of the “deep state”.  But in reality they showed themselves compellingly human, uniquely American and courageously articulate. Without exception they descibed the special importance of managing through a common and understood command structure, of having a shared set of values, of being disciplined. They made it clear that the threat and evil of Russia must be confonted.

Have a good day, James