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Johnson’s bed of nails.

Britain’s December 12 election is all over bar the shouting or a truly aweful Johnsonian lapse. As this note has been forecasting the Labour voter in confused by the dithering Corbyn – “shall we leave, shall we stay, could we somehow do both?” Faced his shambolic leadership, “Remainer”s are turning to the Liberal Democrats who have always been supporters of the EU and of making it work from within. The former Labour “Leavers” are looking more seriously to Johnson and his now sparklingly clear call to arms.

Expect Johnson to say or do anything in the next 10 days to cement his new identity – the English Captain alone on the deck of HMS EnglandĀ  fighting off Johnny Foreigner with a song in his heart and a merry quip. And it is going to work. He will win going away.

Of course all of this has little to do with the exit negotiations with Europe, and nothing to do with the economic endgame. As for the negotiations expect 5 years of futile obfuscation. As for the endgame, has anyone started to plan how England can compete outside Europe? And has anyone stopped to think how England might fare without Scotland, Wales or Ireland?

Johnson has fought to build a bed of nails and is about to impale himself on it.