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What China agreement?

We knew they were important, we understood. We, the whiter than white Americans were the good guys – they, the yellow peril, were the bad guys flouting our rules especially in new technology patent laws and this had to be stopped, no matter the cost. We know now the price that had to be paid by all parties in terms of capex delay, investment uncertainty, and disrupted supply chains. After a year of confusion what has been achieved? – the chinese will continue to but lots of pork, soy beans and for all I care – popcorn and cheer leader pom poms! And that is about it.

No wonder the market hardly moved today.

But here’s the thing – don’t give up, all is still to play for. it should never have been about patent law – No, we need to look to the future. What do we really think success with China could look like?

There are two imperatives: 

  1. The two super powers must collaborate as partners in tackling Climate Change and Poverty. These are the two global challenges. No leader can claim to be a statesman who ducks them and how to focus technology on their solution, how to improve the economy and so markets for all.
  2. The two super powers must collaborate as partners in tackling World Insurrection. Today we have real problems: Russia in the Ukraine; Turkey and oil in the Aegean;the disruption of the E.U.; and the collapse of nation states in Latin America. Never in history have two super powers prospered together. But never before have we known so clearly the needs of our world. The time is right for some real negotiations about real challenges. Have a good day, James