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Brexit dithering.

Theresa May’s winning Wednesday’s no-confidence vote means very little. 
If anything it only emphasises the disarray of British and indeed European politics. And it delays things for a few more days.
117 members of her own team voted against her. She won the other 200 votes only after agreeing to step dowm before the next election. She is now the ultimate forlorn lame duck.
The vote showed something else too – there are no other leaders. Most just don’t have the guts, charisma, let alone vision (Thatcher) or sense of destiny (Churchill). The rest are at best flakey, at worst simply feeble. Corbyn, the leader of the Labor Party opposition manages effortlessly to combine all these attributes like a startled squirrel caught in the headlights.
Britain after this shameless dithering is no closer to a burnished plan for leaving (as the referendum requires) nor to switching courses (as it surely must) seizing back the now manifest benefits of remaining and grabbing the vacant leadership role in an increasingly desperate Europe.
Have a good day, James.