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Boris’s path to leadership.

The British P.M. has won a significant working majority. For the moment there will be vigorous support within his party, for the moment he has little to fear. His leadership has been characterised by a brutally simple message and a no less brutal insistence upon it and upon his party members to tow the line. This has been Boris’s victory.

But the trick of great leadership is to share “ownership” and Boris has an unique opportunity to do this and also to inspire the whole of the nation as has not happened in recent times.

The Conservatives must look to recreate the “one nation” politics of Disraeli in the mid 19th century*. They have won as never before hitherto heartland labour seats, now they have to turn these potentially one off voters into committed long term supporters. The solution will be to give each region its head. Newcastle and Durham in the North East; Sheffiled and Leeds; Liverpool and Manchester; Rural Wales – all have their own histories, populations, economies, universities and business schools. Each can propose its own break out strategy within an overall plan. Each can be represented in Cabinet.

New blood, new ideas, and new “ownership” could put a stamp on the new Boris way of Government that really would unite the nation and give it a racing start.

Sharing ownership is not a kop out – it is the path towards leadership. Have a good day, James.

*In his Coningsby trilogy of novels Disraeli has two characters argue about nationhood:

“Our Queen reigns over the greatest nation…

“Which nation…for she reigns over two. …”THE RICH AND THE POOR.”