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Annual Report 2018.

The end of 2018.
In 12 months the United States has become a byword for inconsistency and falsehood.
At home ill considered and incoherent actions have finally caused hesitancy in the markets and reduced confidence amongst investing companies. 
Overseas we have lost the trust and favour of our allies, the admiration of scientists and innovators and ceded ground to our enemies.
The President, a disgraceful aberration, has made loud friends with them all –
“Sending praise at morning what he blames at night.
Always thinking his last opinion right*.”
And through it all our poltical parties have blindly engaged in tribal nationalism and small change, frightened to honor values, scared to hold their ground – “brains of feather and hearts of led.*”
I fear for 2019. Have a good day.
* with apologies to Alexander Pope 1688-1744. Nothing changes – there may be hope in that.