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The independence of Judges.

Despite the courage of its people, Poland suffered more than most during the last century of war. Overrun by Hitler and Stalin this beautiful nation of 38 million endured the Cold War purgatory of Soviet occupation until 1989. Since then, helped in no small part by its membership of the E.U. it has achieved regular growth rates of 4% and resisted the constant sniping from its malevolant Russian neighbour.

But there has been a price to pay. 

Jaroslav Kacznski, their dictator, has flouted E.U. attitudes and rules especially over the independence of judges and poicy towards immigration. Today Poland ‘s leader is on a collision course with Brussels. But without the support of the Polish polulation. Last week saw ante government protests in 16 cities across the nation, which alas did not stop Kacznski rushing his bill into law. Poland is experiencing the alternative truth of its demented ruler. If the independence of the judiciary is threatened the very foundation of democracy will be threatened. Expect to see the nation that achieved cold war fame with the success of its Solidarity movement to oust the Soviets, increase its pressure on the little loved current leadership.

And also reflect – could the US not be going the same route? Are we not appointing hundreds of judges many, with scant knowledge of the law, “qualified”  only by their political allegiance? Are we threatening the foundations of our democracy? If 160 cities in Poland are remonstrating why are we so quiet?

Have a good day, James.