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The Door Wide Open?

However the Iranian story turns out, this has already been an object lesson in incompetent leadership.

First the home team, unclear as to their roles or responsibilities, jousting in the vacuum of policy and direction like courtiers catching the casual eye of the uncaring caliph – is this the policy of Mattis, Tillerson, Bannon, Kushner, Pompeo, Bolton – is there a policy at all? Who will be the last man standing? Who will lead the talks next?

Then there are the foreign actors – especially the Europeans only too aware of their wins and shortfalls in the negotiations so far, aware of the limits for future action, looking to consolidate on hard won compromise – suddenly side lined, threatened, humiliated, left out in the cold and now working against our interests. 

And thirdly there is the example we have set eleswhere in the world – the capricious bullying of Canada and Mexico, the wreckless indifference to China, the betrayal of trust with long standing allies.

Forget whether any of the administration born again zenophobes have the capacity to operate coherently at this level – no self respecting nation would trust us to follow through and honour any agreement with any sustained rigour.

The door may be open – but I am not sure I would lightly walk through it.

Hav a good day, James.