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The White House – incompetent or evil?

Over the last 4 years the White House has developed as a case history in mismanagement, a shaming example of how not to lead*. The failures originate in the President’s psyche, a fear of facing up to facts – even when those facts offer him a royal road to leadership. And this phenomenon is seen most strikingly in his persistent refusal to support any position with evidence, let alone open truth.

Trump’s dealing with the corona virus is one example. Hoping for miracles, wishing the virus will just go away, considering injections of sunlight or disinfectant, undermining the world class expertise available to him, and refusing to wear a mask – the list is as astonishing as it is a disgrace.

The same is true of his attitude to China as seen through his acolyte – Barr . Barr’s critique of the Chinese government in Michigan on Thursday offered not one piece of hard evidence. As a result the Attorney General not only abused a great nation but he also betrayed some of our greatest companies – Apple, Cisco and Disney were singled out effectively for complicity with the enemy – for treason – again without a shred of evidence.

It is hard to see what of lasting value these two men have achieved in their lives. Apple, Cisco and Disney have however created world leading empires of astonishing value, technical prowess and life enhancing joy for millions around the world. The US will not continue to lead in such value added technologies if it follows such a policy of fearful cover up, frightened suppression and a refusal to face, confront, and build upon the truth.

Given the context of these arguments, given the stakes at risk, this White House appears not so much as incompetent – it is evil.

Have a good day. James.

*James is publishing his master class – The new Leadership – later this month.