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The magic of numbers – the new 38%.

Fully paid up fans of the Italian economist Pareto use the 80-20 rule as a daily guide. just think about it. Don’t around 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers? well today I can reveal a new life managing number – 38 – as in 38% of American beer drinkers are avoiding Corona Beers because they believe it contains the virus. Really! I cannot conceive that such a number of our nearest and dearest are so stupid.

And then came the latest statistics of Trump’s core voters – 38% still support this terrible man.  That was when I had my “Pareto” light bulb moment. Despite his failure to understand science, technology, defense, foreign policy or anything approaching the complex long term joined up development of disparate allies; Despite his dishonesty, cover up, and criminal manipulation of the much vaunted American “Rule of Law”; despite his bromance with despots, dictators, and enemies of our great nation – despite all this, 38% of our citizens are sufficiently idiotic to remain hard line supporters.

“Becoming a 38’er” has become a serious put down in our place as in “Look James has joined the 38 again”.

But here’s a final thought – whoever stands against this man in November may have to collect only 39% of the votes to win.

Have a good day, James.