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As a professional coach and strategic advisor James Cooke works with senior executives, helping them to excel, to work together constructively and supportively.  He helps them to lead effectively, to motivate, to improve key skills and to manage people – transforming businesses and the people that make them what they are.

Over the last 25 years, he has advised the British Government, the EU, Local Authorities, Universities and Corporations.

James has served four Government appointments, first as Director of the Micro Electronics Awareness Programme for Britain,  then the Director and Founder of the CBI – Special Programmes Unit, and later as Member of the Arts Council of Great Britain, and Director of the National Health Service for Oxfordshire. His involvement with Government since the late 1970s has focused on Training, Strategic Development, Unemployment, Inner City Development and Health.

“Every Director should have a coach – someone you can speak with in confidence. James understands business and has a PhD in people. He has an uncanny knack of helping me see the wood from the trees. “

He is based in Florida but shares his time in London and the UK.  This website provides a great deal of information about his work and ideas for improving your own organisation.  His book, Understanding Leaders, can be bought online from here, and we encourage you to dive in and see for yourself that understanding people can be critical to your success. Look also at his “letters to Harry” and his RIBA series “Making it work – managing for real”.

James led the London initiative to design and test a leadership template for the NHS in London. This was made subsequently into a video. For 10 years, he was the strategic advisor and coach to Kings College, London helping them to rise from 96th in the world to 13th.

He is currently planning his second book on Leadership – The Way We Do Things Here.

James gives many talks and workshops

Why client’s use James Cooke?

Clients turn to James Cooke when wanting to Transform their Organisation and strategies, and when taking over new Leadership roles. They turn to him when;

  • Needing to Make their Strategies Work
  • Developing New Organisations and New Business
  • Making Mergers and Acquisitions Work
  • Improving the Performance of Individuals and Teams
  • Introducing Key New Staff
  • Developing their Own Careers
  • Coping with crises.

A checklist of regular areas of expertise

Building Clients: The Marketing Cascade, The Network Machine, Relationship Management, Winning Bids, The Business Development Unit,
Making PR Work, The Learning Company

Managing People: Delegating Successfully, Recruiting the Best, Making Appraisals Work, The Induction Process, Developing People, Discussing the Un-discussables

Managing Cash: Focusing Business Plans, Managing Professionals, Designing Reporting Systems

For a taster of his thinking look into the Dear Harry letters, The Managing in Recession series of articles and Understanding Leaders, his book on leadership – all available on this web.

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