My name is James Cooke, and I have had a wonderful and varied life as both a leader and a teacher.

I became the youngest of PA’s Managing Consultants and led a series of crisis management projects for three UK Administrations and the European Union. These culminated in a 5 year stint researching and then directing Mrs. Thatcher’s $3 billion initiative to help the nation’s young and unemployed in the inner cities.

I tell you this not to boast, but to give you a flavour of the experience you garner if we work together!

My passion has always been teaching, helping others to fly. And so, building on my lifelong interest in geopolitics and psychology, I have over the last 30 years pioneered strategic leadership coaching to all manner of clients both great and small in Europe and the United States. My first book, “Understanding Leaders,” was published in 2010.

I now live with my beautiful American wife full-time in Florida.

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Express Leadership Clarity Consultation

30 Minutes---$97

Leadership Strategy Consultation

60 Minutes---$197

Extended Leadership Strategy Consultation

90 Minutes---$297


“James Cooke’s insight has added value and meaning to my work in a way I had not previously considered. He has an incredible skill in seeing untapped potential in myself and my company that, without him, would never have been realized.” 

- Jason Conklin -- Founder, Argo Sciences

This course is fantastic – 4 hours of training and every second told me something I needed to know and think about. On top of that I got to talk with James about my strategic issues – outstanding value.”

- Josiah Moorhouse -- Founder, Vero Beach IT

"I have worked with James for many years, heard his brilliant presentations and watched his leadership consultancy develop. This Master Class is a “must have” for anyone rebuilding after the pandemic. It is an outstanding piece of work.

- Andrew Sowers -- Director at Merrill Lynch

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