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James’s story

Throughout his career James Cooke has given talks and workshops at an International and National level for Governments, Corporate Clients and Associations. These have been held in the UK, Europe and the United States.

“Extraordinarily compelling – he weaves a gripping historical analysis with prescient leadership insight.”

This site gives you:

  • A taste of his work through videos and shorts
  • A list of current talks
  • An outline of topics and plans for the future

“we have never had anyone like him.” “he is a cultural tour de force.” “audiences love him.”

These talks are chapters in an unfolding series that will be featured in a major book “Studies in an Civilisation” that will focus on turning points in Western Civilisation art

“James has a knack of explaining complex historical and economic issues in a concise and fun way. Engaging and educational”

Examples of Talks

Vero Beach Rotary Club: Europe In Crisis

Since 1800 the continent of Europe has suffered almost perpetual warfare, destruction, and economic challenge. This has created a geopolitical/geoeconomic memory that lies behind the imminent collapse of the European Union as it attempts to introduce a new globalism as weak, populist and little nation states.

China, The United States & World War III

The Unites States is the world’s preeminent power, but for how long? We have to reappraise their leadership and look at the new upcoming hyper powers. Is China a sleeping lion?

Royal Navy

The British Navy formed the back bone of the Nation and its Empire. How did it work? What made it special?

Was Churchill the greatest Englishman? In this excerpt hear how he was certainly a wordsmith of genius.

“Seeing James perform for the first time was a revelation-this is how it should be”

The Existing Archive


The Industrial Revolution: 1850 – 1900

The zenith of the British Empire, made possible by the Industrial Revolution, War Commerce, and the emergence of the United States.

The Franco-Prussian War: 1870

Bismarck’s creation of an unified Germany leads to war with France, the exchange of Alsace and Lorraine, the cycle of World Wars and finally to anti-Semitic xenophobia.

Slavery and the Empire of cotton. 1820

The shocking story behind Britain’s wealth, global trade and the development of the United States as the next super power

Europe Part 1

The first part of the story of the collapse of Europe. 1900 to 1930, evil dictators and the road to World War

Churchill, an appraisal

Was Churchill the greatest ever Englishman? Or was he the luckiest of Prime Ministers? Linked to “the Churchill Factor” by Boris Johnson

Mrs Thatcher an appraisal

A personal remembrance of Britain’s Iron Lady and a private evaluation of a great leader

The Renaissance

Brunelleschi, Florence Cathedral, the Italian Renaissance. An explanation as to why the great shift took place in art, why in Florence and why in the late 13th and 14th Centuries

Winnie the pooh

The true and fabulous story of the most famous bear in the world. Who was he? Why? And who was A.A.Milne? linked to the great children’s series of books

Sherlock Holmes

For 150 years – the most successful detective books written. What is the secret of Holmes’ fascintion? Why were the books so successful? why so many films and Holmes clubs? and Who was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle?

Planned Future Topics


Many topics arise in response to and tailor made for clients. These include talks on Leadership, Strategy, and Business Management, as well as cultural subjects of the day. We are currently planning to complete the trilogy of talks on “The Future of Europe”, a second talk on Churchill entitled “Churchill and Roosevelt” and then a leaders series starting with “The Duke of Wellington”, “Montgomery and Patton” and “Captain Cook” . But, given the current turbulence in global leadership the next title will be “China, The United States and World War 3.”

International and Business Talks

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