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Your life, your career, your own fulfilment – they are all part and parcel of each other. But first, to be fully fired up, you need a dream that will inspire you and attract others. What will success look like for you in three* years time?

  • Be realistic: if you are effectively enumerate becoming finance director may be a stretch too far!
  • Be demanding: what skills, resources can you marshal, can you build?
  • Be practical: how much money do you need to live? How much spare time do you have? What else matters?
  • Be sharing: what do your loved ones think? They are part of this adventure – let them buy in too. They are part of the Team of Teams or this is not going to work.

Spend a bit of time on this – your dream – a result that really inspires you – the most popular, most talked about pizza bar in town with a Michelin rating, or the corporate lawyer who starts to put Vero on the map. This is going to be your life, you had better mean it and you had better want it bad.

So we have the dream now for the Plan. Pull back to today – from here on in “getting there” will be about little steps. So what to do, what is most urgent, most important, what do you start now so that you are better set up for tomorrow? What do you stop doing now that, seen in the new scheme of things, just wastes time? Time is going to matter as you set out on the journey to manage your life’s success .

Having a dream and a plan is vital. As Bloody Mary sang in South Pacific “if you don have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?” but it is even more important than that. You are becoming the manager of your own career, your job, you. And with each manged step towards your dream you will get more fulfilled, more confident and create more momentum.

Leadership is about building momentum successfully to a much desired goal; winning each little battle until you have won the war, and it is about sharing each little step to inspire those around you who depend on you.

Having a goal, having an understood plan will help in one more, little talked about way. It is called “Synchronicity”. You will start to see useful connections, workable opportunities more clearly because you know your own context. It is as though your perception has become clear sighted, relevant and focussed as never before. You will increasingly see opportunities that work. They will look almost coincidental. But coincidences are rare – the truth is that you are clear about the way ahead and so you are no less clear about how other people, other skills, other partners may or may not fit into your new life.

6 thoughts for today:

  • Have a dream.
  • Build a plan.
  • Decide what to do (and what not to do).
  • Be the Leader of your life.
  • Share it with your loved ones.
  • Recognise Synchronicity.

Have a good day.