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You have the dream, the plan and you are facing the brutal facts, but gradually you come to see there is so much to do, so many details to watch. As Murphy’s law warned everything ultimately goes pear shaped. How to hold it all together!

Time to set down your own role, your style, the way you want to do things here. And the first trick: learn the art of keeping it simple. As the leader of any business you can concentrate on and become drowned in the minutiae or you can focus on the only six things that really matter:

  • Your clients.
  • Your cash.
  • Your people.
  • Your systems.
  • Your quality.
  • Your risk.

Here they are in graphic form:

IF you have the right people to lead each of these six operating elements, IF you have set them a clear and inspiring framework for action with due dates and milestones (see next week’s article on Delegation), and IF you have won buy in from them and the rest of the leadership team – three big IFS – then you can sleep easy at night.

Your leadership job is :

  • To ensure your managers fit, are well, fulfilled and on target for each of their deliverables.
  • To encourage and coach them to exceed expectation, develop their teams and to be happy.
  • To look ahead for the next opportunity to grow and improve the business.
  • To be there for your people when needed.

Here are some rules of thumb that may help you starting out.

Clients: spend a day a week with them – no clients, no business!

Cash: know the cash position at the end of every day – no cash , no oxygen!

People: spend a day a week with them – no people, no company!

Systems: where you need technology, have the best – no systems, no information!

Quality and Risk are wrap arounds.

Quality: define and monitor in detail – no quality, no differentiation!

Risk: as the world becomes more litigious each of the areas of management become more exposed to complaint or claim – think employment, safety, social legislation etc. – No risk management, no organisation!

Throughout, in all these areas keep it simple, plain anglo saxon speak – no technobabble.

Have a good day