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At the core of any successful team is a leader able to delegate clearly and in a way that wins hearts and minds, attracts enthusiastic support.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Decide what you want accomplished, to what end, by whom, by when. Know in detail what success will look like, be ready to enthuse those you choose.
  2. Write it down in your words, with your preferred metrics, milestones, reporting dates. At this point this is still your project.
  3. Choose the team. Brief them to excite them.
  4. Share the ownership. Get them to review and then to rewrite the project in their words, owning the deliverables, the time scales, and the milestones and reporting days and changing them as they feel justified. It is “we” from now on not “I” – “our” project not “my” project.
  5. Agree the final programme – after confronting and debating any issues.
  6. Give them space to succeed on their terms. Be there for them, but don’t micromanage – let them learn and grow on the job.
  7. There is zero tolerance of missing a deadline without warning well in advance – so your role now is to celebrate each step of success along the way.

The progress meetings should always be up beat – insist any delays, problems, mistakes be flagged at once so you can help, add resources, and take account of any implications.

Delegation is an opportunity to build on the four key drivers* that make lives fulfilling:

Driver 1. Bonding. We all want to belong, to be respected, part of a team. Mankind is a gregarious animal – we like to bond. Let everyone have a voice.

Driver 2. Learning. We are hard wired to learn, to enjoy the “aha” moment when we find joined up solutions to joined up problems. So encourage feed- back, open debate and give everyone space to learn for themselves – no  micro-management – it stifles learning and fun.

Driver 3. Growing. We all want to improve our lot, perhaps financially, perhaps in more subtle ways. Find out what makes people tick and reward them by helping them grow.

Driver 4. Caring. None of us likes to be threatened. We rarely perform better; mostly we become defensive, stop being open and instead cover up, and blame others. Care for your people deeply – and show it.

*This is a very big topic. If you are facing difficulties email me.

Have a good day.