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I am holding a Spring workshop on Strategic Planning in San Francisco and have just completed the presentation. We will put it on the web in March. In the meanwhile here are some of the thoughts that emerged:

  • The Plan is above all the leadership team’s recipe for future success. It sets the framework, highlights the key result areas, provides the context for management action and priorities and it is the core of the communication with the Board, with Clients and with Staff.
  • It should be short, about 20 – 30 pages, using appendices for any essential detailing and avoiding all sector business babble unintelligible to the average reader.
  • It will focus on the 3 major actions to be achieved, by whom, and by when and with what impact.
  • It will be created out of repeated focus group, workshop, staff, Board and client meetings, feedback and discussions and will itself therefor be a means to build a momentum, a following and the start of the change process itself within the operation.

In large part because of the importance of this last theme – the need for constant two way communications – the Planning Process should not be rushed. It is likely it will take up to 7 months. Once having done it, treat it like a living dynamic document. Review it, record the actions completed, update with new actions and make it a central tool of leadership – revise it as you go along. More in March.

Have a good day.