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Managing for real. Managing for Real is never easy. it places strain on the Leadership Teams and especially so when they are of Professional firms. few professionals (think accountants, lawyers, surgeons, academics, nurses) joined up to become eventually business managers – their passion lay in the profession itself, not its business fear. The Royal Institute of British Architects commissioned James Cooke and John Toppin to write a monthly column in their Journal giving advice to the leaders of architectural firms. in 2008 and 2009 when this was done Britain was in a recession. It became clear to us that the experience of architects was largely common to most areas of established professionalism and so we have published them here for general use amplified by a series of papers designed to help you deal with the difficult management issues you face day to day. Please use them and don’t hesitate to contact me for any further help.

  1. Coping With Fear
  2. Maintaining Balance
  3. First things First: Setting out the Plan – Part I
  4. First things First: Setting out the Plan – Part II
  5. Making it Happen
  6. Building an Awareness Campaign
  7. The Awareness Campaign
  8. Sectorisation
  9. The Marketing Cascade
  1. The Forward Planner
  2. The Bid Development Unit (BDU)
  3. Investing to Change
  4. Preparing the Bid
  5. The Discipline Framework
  6. The 21 Questions
  7. Two Short Notes
  8. Structuring the Presentation
  9. More about Presentations
  10. Curriculum Vitae