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Finally in cutting to the chase and putting it all together, how do we create a model approach for the champions to follow that also allows you to focus their efforts and monitor their plans – the Marketing Cascade.

The graphic below depicts the 5 priorities of focus.


There are just 5 component steps to professional marketing.

  1. Existing Clients. The No 1 priority. Ensure you are delivering on your mission statement. Make a special target to repeat buyers, keep close, meet often, listen hard, and be there face to face to reinforce wins and to resolve any negative issues. Use the performance of your teams in three ways:
    • To seize the opportunity to expand existing programmes of work
    • To leverage extension opportunities/ knock on projects elsewhere in the client organisation or group of organisations.
    • To ask for one firm’s referral to another potential client.
  2. Past Clients: A major subtext of the structured review of your past projects and past client perceptions (see article earlier) is to set up the opportunity to ask about new work prospects and to arrange a referral.
  3. Referrals: Without doubt one of the most simple, rapid and powerful means of securing new clients – and yet how rarely do professionals employ it. In the main this is because of our fear of rejection. And yet, stop and think for a moment; these are companies/clients who are happily using us, they have positive experiences of us, they understand our mission, and like most of us they will like helping people. Just one extra project or strong referral from each of your clients will transform your business. A word of advice – do not ask for a list of referrals; just one strong contact, name, address details, a brief e mail to introduce you, then follow up fast and keep your referee in the picture over progress.
  4. Intermediaries: The world of architecture includes a wide array of intermediaries; consultants, landscape architects, principals, lawyers, bankers as well as all manner of trade associations and support companies. All are keen networkers, all are looking for ways of making their efforts special, all are looking to share ideas – be there, match their need, be available and supportive.
  5. Sectoral Breakout: As your experience grows, as your researches are completed, as you successfully finish projects you will spot ideas, new thinking, golden nuggets – build these into sector based workshops, conference themes, and topics for dinner debates. Add these to the Awareness Machine.

So there you have it – focus your star leaders on sectors, prioritise by following the Marketing Cascade, any other approach is suboptimal.