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  1. Sanctioning the Bidphoto

    Several readers have challenged the importance of the leader’s role in sanctioning projects. It is essential the CEO, or a designated and consistent equivalent, decides on each and every bid opportunity because he/she

    • Must have a feel at all times, an up to the minute picture, of how the markets are reacting to the firm
    • Must ensure the most “qualified” and “available” senior is made bid leader; that person responds to the agreed time scales etc., involves the essential monitoring and troubleshooting team, keeps the BDU staff in the picture.
    • Will want to reassure, support, mentor the bid leader.
    • Watching each of the bids gives the leader an invaluable handle on the quality of the senior staff, their teams, the BDU, and advisors.

    The BDU has to be involved as the coordinating support team because they will be required to check all the bid steps are followed, to produce the back up support, proposal paper work, and later on, the client feedback.

  2. Photography

    Sensitive photography, graphics, maps, and an appreciation of the history, geography of the site “cuts ice”. This is the responsibility of the Team Leader and the BDU.

    This need not be expensive – on the contrary choose an enthusiast within the firm to take photographs, learn the socio/geo/political history, and understand the key issues that bring the building and its context alive. The BDU should store before and after photographs for future publicity use.