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International Talks & Podcasts

During the last five years James Cooke has given a series of international talks on two major topics:

  • The geopolitical and geoeconomic development of the West – “The Making of Our Time”
  • Book reviews premiered to the members of John’s Island Country Club in Vero Beach, Florida

We are making available James’s talks so that they become a complete series stretching from 1805 and “The Industrial Revolution – Britain, the United States & War Commerce” to the present day. The planned series will include:

– The Industrial Revolution – Britain, the United States & War Commerce

– “Officer & Spy” – The Franco-Prussian War

– 1900 – 1930 – The Destruction of Europe

– 1930 – 1940 – Hitler Goes to War

– “The Churchill Factor”

– “Citizens of London” – Churchill & the United States

– China, the United States & World War III

2020 – The Collapse of Europe

– America’s Next Century

Praise For James Cooke’s Talks

As the John’s Island Speaker in Residence, James brought the great Club’s legendary 5 o’clock Hour Series to an acclaimed end. His Geo-Political talk “China, the US and World War 111” attracted a record audience of more than 500, and has provoked an ongoing debate in the Club.
“brilliant!” “brilliantly thought-provoking” “please send me a copy for my friends” “great speech as usual.”
Planning Success – San Francisco talk a success – more than 500 listened to the one and a half hour talk on strategic planning.
“Very unique perspective”, “very informative”, “great info”, “validated what we are doing – thank you!”, “greatly experienced speaker”, “informative, inspirational, and fun!”.

Podcast 1: The Industrial Revolution – Britain, The United States & War Commerce

Nelson’s victory at Trafalgar in 1805 set Britain and its Empire on course to become the world’s superpower of the 19th Century. It ushered in the Industrial Revolution and made possible War Commerce. But by the end of the century Britain’s supremacy was failing and the United States was ready to take over for what was to become the American Century as the new superpower. This five-part podcast tells the story.

Podcast 2: China, The United States & World War III

The world is in turmoil. Europe may be threatened, South America is facing great challenge, Russia remains perennially malevolent. But it is China we should look to with care. Uniquely twice a super power before, fast becoming one again. The challenge is how the United States will accommodate this new super power and its very different systems.

Podcast 3: The Franco-Prussian War – The Beginning of The End of Europe

At the turn of the 20th century the Franco-Prussian War created ripples in history that lead up to today and influence our decision-making even now.

Podcast 4: Crisis In Europe

Since 1800 the continent of Europe has suffered almost perpetual warfare, destruction, and economic challenge. This has created a geopolitical/geoeconomic memory that lies behind the imminent collapse of the European Union as it attempts to introduce a new globalism as weak, populist and little nation states.