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Why client’s use James Cooke?

Clients turn to James Cooke when wanting to Transform their Organisation and strategies, and when taking over Leadership roles. in addition when;

  • Needing to Make their Strategies Work
  • Developing New Organisations and New Business
  • Making Mergers and Acquisitions Work
  • Improving the Performance of Individuals and Teams
  • Introducing Key New Staff
  • Developing their Own Careers
  • Coping with crises.

A checklist of regular areas of expertise

Building Clients: The Marketing Cascade, The Network Machine, Relationship Management, Winning Bids, The Business Development Unit,
Making PR Work, The Learning Company

Managing People: Delegating Successfully, Recruiting the Best, Making Appraisals Work, The Induction Process, Developing People, Discussing the Un-discussables

Managing Cash: Focusing Business Plans, Managing Professionals, Designing Reporting Systems.

For a taster of his thinking look into the Dear Harry letters, The Managing in Recession series of articles and Understanding Leaders, his book on leadership – all available on this web.